Distribution centre

New distribution centre of 8,000 m²

The new distribution centre aimed to be a central hub of Lindab's logistics...

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Astron Hall for Ferrima Poznań

Astron will supply the new headquarters of Ferrima...

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Data centre

Yandex Data Center in Russia

Yandex Data Centre (Russia’s most popular search engine) was inaugurated in Vladimir, Russia.

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Car park

Follow Car Park erection

Brückner Group, a family-owned group of companies in the machine manufacturing world, located in Siegsdorf in Germany, ordered two car parks for…

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Company headquarters

Geared towards the future

Simple and top-quality solution for a Slovenian company...

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Sports Building on the Arctic Circle

28,880 m² arena consisting of an ice rink with 3,000 seats, training halls, tennis courts, three swimming pools...

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Inside the Yaroslavl factory

Interview with Alexey Matveyev, welding engineer at Yaroslavl plant

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A Gold Mine for Astron

With three Astron buildings to accommodate complex equipment, gold production will begin mid 2018.

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Swiss Visitors at Astron

A visit of Astron’s European Headquarters organised for Archi.3000 customers and potential customers...

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Smooth Erection in Djibouti

Smooth erection of the 33,000 m² bulk storage building in Djibouti

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