Sustainable buildings – Steel as raw material

Sustainable buildings

Steel as raw material

Steel as Raw Material

Astron provides the most sustainable industrial buildings.

People are familiar with sustainability for private houses, but less so for industrial buildings.

Astron produces industrial buildings made of steel, which is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again without any loss of quality. Thanks to optimized raw material use, fewer resources are needed and less waste is created.

  • Steel is 100% recyclable - All steel can be recycled.
  • Steel is recycled infinitely - Products made of steel can be recycled to make new products again and again and again without any loss of quality.
  • Steel is easy to recover - Because steel is attracted to a magnet, it is easy to recover from household rubbish.
  • Steel is energy efficient - This means you use up less power making something from steel than if you made it from another metal.
  • Steel is the world’s most versatile material to recycle – from old cars, buildings and bridges to appliances and soup cans.
  • Steel is light but very strong. Foundations can be lighter and transportation and site handling are easier.
  • Steel allows considerable flexibility in its application. Building layouts can be tailored precisely to needs.
  • Very large spans can be achieved - up to 100m clear span. Construction is fast.

Why build in steel?

At Astron we strive to meet all construction needs with attention to sustainability, providing a simplified and environmentally friendly way to complete your construction project. Our main material choice is steel in various forms. Steel is the right material for all those who aim for economical and environmentally friendly construction and more quality of life. Astron has chosen to focus on this material to allow our customers to profit from all the advantages.