Sustainable buildings – Efficient design

Sustainable buildings

Efficient design of Astron buildings

Building Efficiency Through Efficient Design

Astron’s environmental objective is to lower energy consumption in the complete process, during transport to jobsite and erection, during the building’s whole lifetime and including the recycling afterwards.
Astron has developed innovative and feasible concepts to reach Zero-Energy standard. For outstanding energy performance, Astron engineers use tools which objectively show the owner how he can save energy and money, and how he can optimize daylight with different scenarios, and which connect all these factors to the relevant economic parameters.

  • Astron engineering optimises the building design to make the most efficient use of raw materials and to have the lightest structure possible complying at the same time with national codes and regulations.
  • Foundations can be lighter, reducing the amount of concrete and steel used. Our buildings can be easily modified and extended providing a cost-effective means of construction and remodeling.
  • Cyprion, Astron’s proprietary integrated management tool for pricing and design proposes a thermal insulation performance comparison tool to calculate the payback period for investing in a thicker insulation than the one initially foreseen.
  • Cyprion, coupled with a heat loss module, evaluates the energy efficiency of the Astron building and automatically compares the results with the statutory DIN requirement.
  • The daylighting autonomy application DIAL-Astron linked to Cyprion evaluates the percentage of time during which no artificial lighting is required inside a building. It is a powerful tool to determine the number of windows and skylights needed to optimise the illuminance level of the building.