Over 58 years of innovations

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Sustainable building solutions

Astron is the European leader in pre-engineered steel buildings for industrial applications, commercial and retail outlets, storage, logistics, sports, leisure and parking. The complete steel buildings comprise the outer shell with the main structure, wall, roof and accessories.

In the three production plants some 70 buildings are individually produced per week. The Astron group consists of 13 companies and employs approximately 650 people throughout Europe. The headquarters of Astron is located in Diekirch (Luxembourg). In 2022, sales of around 120 million euros was generated.


  • Our focus: being the preferred partner with sustainable solutions for industrial buildings and multi-storey car parks.

Astron is committed to provide best solutions

Customers choosing Astron seek durability and a high standard of quality. Therefore, our buildings have a high value and are fully sustainable with respect to the aspects of economy, ecology and society. Astron products follow all laws, regulations and local requirements in a long-term orientation.

ISO 9001

  • Astron has been certified to ISO 9001 for design, manufacturing and dispatch for the last 20 years. Astron Buildings is certified to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Regularly inspected by Bureau Veritas.



Astron Buildings is the first company in Europe to receive the European ETA certification for the full building system as a building kit (structure and the building envelope), not only for single products. Astron product is legally accepted in any EU market, Switzerland and Turkey.

  • Externally proven performance, documented in numerous product tests and expert reports, for example, resistance and acoustic performance
  • Higher quality standards for materials and finished goods
  • Regularly checked and documented by third party audits
  • Higher structural safety by improved design methods over and beyond normal standards


  • The high quality standard of the buildings structure is certified by CE marking: Astron products are in compliance with the EN1090-2 standard.
  • The CE marking is a mandatory conformity mark required for products placed on the market in the EU. It indicates that the product complies with the harmonized EN standard or the respective ETA (European Technical Approval).
  • Astron can affix the CE marking to its structural steel products: a real commercial benefit and a competitive advantage.



Astron follows a Factory Production Control certified by the CTICM, an independent notified control body. Our products respect a list of detailed requirements - from materials, structural design, manufacturing (tolerances, welding, etc.), to erection. On customer demand, a declaration of conformity can be delivered.


  • For all Astron products a warranty is given; details depend on the individual DoP and product combination.
  • Thanks to the Aluzinc protective coating, Astron roof panels are provided with a 20-year warranty.


650 Astron employees are always ready to give their best

  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings
  • Company profile: Astron steel buildings

How the story began

Over the past decades, our work at Astron has been in the pursuit of a single-minded goal: to constantly develop our skills and knowledge within what we now call simplifying construction. The path we chose in order to offer increased customer value has been based on quality, proximity and service using steel as the central theme.

By building a company philosophy based on the values of “neatness and order”, strong entrepreneurship and quick decisions, the conditions were created for the business model which has involved streamlined production, highly advanced distribution, together with a flow of innovations and constant awareness of the needs and wishes of our customers.

Astron's values are based on three key phrases: Simplifying construction, Down to earth and Customer success, which are as true today as throughout the long history.

Astron today

> 58 years' experience

> 58,000 reference buildings

> 58 million m² built

> 20 countries

> 300 Builders

  • Company profile: History
  • Company profile: History
  • Company profile: History

History in dates

  • 1920: Establishment of Astron’s original parent company “Commercial Shearing and Stamping” in the USA.
  • 1962: “Commercial Shearing and Stamping” perceived an opportunity to sell pre-engineered buildings imported from the USA into rapidly expanding European economies. They based their facilities in Diekirch (Luxembourg).
  • 1965: Distribution of the Astron buildings started through competent, local companies in the building sector: the idea of the Builder-network was born.
  • 1969: First semi-automatic production line for primary framing was installed to increase capacity up to 250 buildings per year.
  • 1979: Distribution network expanded rapidly as appreciation of the total building system concept grew. 200 Builders sold 800 tailor-made buildings per year.
  • 1988: Computer technology applied to engineering design, order processing, graphics terminals. Cyprion was launched: a specialized and automated pricing software for Builders. It remains unique in the world even today.
  • 1993: ISO 9002 TÜV CERT certification was achieved as the first steel building company in Europe. Capacity: 1,300 buildings per year.
  • Today: Astron employs 650 people in 13 own offices and 3 plants.