Sustainable buildings – Increased speed

Sustainable buildings

Increased speed

Increased Speed of Building Assembling

All Astron buildings are delivered to site pre-engineered to the correct dimensions. The use of prefabricated elements (components are factory-produced on automated production lines) provides a large range of sustainable benefits during the construction phase.

  • The pre-engineering approach and the precision of the steel structure speed up the on-site erection period and reduce environmental impacts and neighborhood nuisance on the construction site.
  • Astron assembly on the job site is simple - bolted or screwed connections, no welding, little site cutting or modification. No ”wet” work. All parts are cut-to-length, pre-punched and individually identified.
  • This means less waste, fewer deliveries and rapid construction on-site. A high degree of prefabrication for fast, reliable and predictable construction.
  • The quantity of water necessary, the waste generation, dust emission, traffic and noise are considerably lower than in traditional construction.
  • Work site management is largely facilitated. All these advantages are especially appreciable in congested urban areas.