Become a Builder

Get to know the elements of a successful sales business plan

Become a Builder

Build Astron Steel Buildings

Building Partners represent the main chain between tailor-made building solutions and customers. They are responsible for customer service and for assembling the buildings via a successful business model. Today, Astron Builders form a large network of construction professionals in Europe, with more than 300 members. They are provided with numerous references, professional support and rewarded according to their pricing policy.

In Europe and Africa, the recruitment of Building partners is currently under way to cover the growing demand and increasing number of orders for Astron Steel buildings. You, as an Astron Builder, will provide high quality products with ISO 9001 certification, CE marking and warranty up to 30 years. To help you develop the business, you will be given professional training and support, as well as the access to a wide range of marketing tools.

  • Markus Hanke, Friedrich Hallenbau GmbH (Germany)

    With the new concept of Astron focusing on customers' dreams and sustainable products, I have a strong market position.

    Markus Hanke, Friedrich Hallenbau GmbH (Germany)
  • Petr Entner, E.Proxima (Czech republic)

    Optimized quotes from the Astron team using all Cyprion tools help me to make the difference in front of my customers.

    Petr Entner, E.Proxima (Czech republic)
  • Viktor Batanov, Integro Steel (Russia)

    As I’m more a sales guy, I’m thankful to get full support from Astron’s experts for all technical aspects like feasibility, certificates and approvals or building physics.

    Viktor Batanov, Integro Steel (Russia)
  • Stéphane Vinel, Nancy Construction (France)

    However complex a project is, Astron's engineers have a solution, and this is how I gain my customers' trust.

    Stéphane Vinel, Nancy Construction (France)
  • Boleslaw Jerzy Stasik, W.P.I.P. Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

    Whenever I need support, an Astron employee goes with me to meet my customers and look for best solutions. This is really helpful.

    Boleslaw Jerzy Stasik, W.P.I.P. Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
  • Vladimir Koktysh, Technologii Stroitelstva (Russia)

    Whatever Astron produces, packs and ships, it has to be at first class quality to allow me to impress my customers when the material arrives on the job site.

    Vladimir Koktysh, Technologii Stroitelstva (Russia)

Support from Astron

Astron supports Builders in gaining contacts and provides steel structures as custom-made solutions. Partners receive business and technical support in the form of training and references, software for calculating, optimizing and presenting the buildings, as well as promotional materials and contact details of potential customers who have sent an inquiry to Astron.

Proper training is very important for successful cooperation, so Astron has developed high quality training programs, product training sessions, software courses, sales workshops and conferences in order to support partners.

With 50,000 building references all over the world, you will be able to present successful solutions to your new customers via catalogs and promotional materials. Professional and easy-to-use software from Astron will help you to create price quotations as well as optimize the buildings and prepare the materials for presentation.

Astron avoids competition between manufacturers and construction companies. For this purpose, a professional CRM system that tracks all customer contacts is used.

  • Become a Builder
  • Become a Builder
  • Become a Builder

Tasks of Building Partners

Building Partners communicate with customers and architects. They accompany clients on their way from the initial consideration of the construction, through the design of the project, obtaining any necessary permits, to the construction of a turnkey hall. Astron specialists are ready to help in all the steps and provide valuable advice, participate in negotiations, and provide detailed technical information or price offers.

When planning construction investments, Astron Building partners work together with a team of specialists to ensure the project has a high standard in design, technical design, building elements, heating systems and electrical wiring. The specialists provide the necessary flexibility and efficiency together with access to a broad knowledge and highly professional skills.


What you will do for the customer

  • Concept and project planning
  • Building permits
  • Fundamentals and construction work
  • Delivery of the steel hall and its assembly
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Hall equipment and finishing work
  • After-sales service and maintenance
  • Optional land acquisition and financial solutions for project realization
  • Quality standards and certification
  • Possible approval of standardized buildings and proposals for faster building permits