Sustainable buildings – Reducing operation costs

Sustainable buildings

Reducing operation costs

Technical Solutions to Reduce the Energy Consumed During the Whole Life of the Building

Astron buildings can be rated "A“ for energy efficiency and comply with the main sustainability standards such as LEED certification, ISO 14001, BREEAM, Agenda 21 and many others.

A sustainable building means a reasonable investment, low operating costs and comfort for the people working there, increasing their productivity. A win-win-win solution.

  • The operational cost to maintain the activity in your building - including heating or cooling of your facilities - and the normal maintenance cost largely outweigh the energy used to build it.
  • Astron’s objective is not to over-design the thermal insulation of the building, but to deliver the best solution that suits your needs for the next 30 years.
  • At Astron we have an innovative approach and effective tools. For example we can evaluate the global heat loss of industrial buildings or optimize daylight under different scenarios and to connect all this to the relevant economic parameters.