Products Overview

Astron provides almost endless construction possibilities and offers architectural and building personalization. Easy architectural integration of traditional building materials, such as brickwork, glazing, timber or light weight concrete is no problem. The building system enables optimization in accordance with your requirements, your own particular utilization and your need of clear space (clear span from 10 m to 100 m without internal columns).

Canopies can easily be added as a direct continuation of the roof line, at lower levels with positive or negative roof slopes. Parapets may be added partially around the building or completely around the building. Astron buildings utilize steels with high yield strength, and this reduces weight, thus optimizing the transportation and handling costs whilst meeting all design criteria requirements. All this together ensures a durable building. 

High quality standard

  • Produced according to QMS, certified to ISO 9001
  • Inspected regularly by Bureau Veritas
  • High quality standard certified by CE-marketing
  • Compliance with the EBN1090-2 standard
  • In accordance with EUROCODE