Sustainable buildings – Sustainable approach

Sustainable buildings

Sustainable approach

Sustainable Approach in all Facets of our Production

Astron's 3 production plants aim to make products of better quality, using fewer resources, and creating less or no waste in the process. A lot of progress has been made by Astron over time. Waste generation, water use, air emissions and energy consumption are continually decreasing.

  • Use of recycled steel
  • Astron parts are manufactured in a safe and quality orientated environment.
  • We use water based paints for our primary structure
  • Before the beam web cutting, a nesting operation is carried out by the scheduling department using state-of-the-art software composed of high-level algorithms. The result is a diagram with the optimum cut layout. It is then possible to reach the highest process speed and material consumption efficiency. The software output is directly imported to the equipment’s numerical controls. Thanks to this operation, the scrap rate of the primary framing components preparation is limited to the bare minimum.
  • Continuous work on the workflow optimisation in the production process.
  • Astron focuses on continuous improvement in its 3 production plants based on investments in more efficient equipment and new technologies such as automation technology. This allows more productivity and resource efficiency. Over the years it has helped to save several hundred tons of steel per year.