Sustainable buildings – Recycling

Sustainable buildings


Designed for Dismantling, Recycling and Re-use

Steel is 100% recyclable without loss of quality and has a potentially endless life cycle. In Astron buildings, 97% of the materials used are recyclable as well.

  • Together with the choice of the material and all the steps of a building’s life, the demolition and recycling phase is one of the key factors influencing the global carbon footprint. Astron buildings are designed in an optimum way to limit the environmental impact and achieve the best results in terms of sustainability.
  • Astron makes no compromise on the quality of all its product range and has set up an easy maintenance program to avoid premature ageing and further extend the service life of the building.
  • Think twice before dismantling your building as renovation is easy and cost-efficient for our type of steel buildings: the resources required to renovate an existing building are generally much less than to construct a new one. Re-using buildings increases resource efficiency and limits the amount of demolition waste.
  • Reusability: Large free-span buildings offer a maximum flexibility of use and facilitate the partition of the building for other utilisation or change of activity. Nearly any kind of adaptation can be done with a steel structure, but this is not the case with concrete and wood structures.
  • Easy dismantling: Astron steel buildings have a long service life, but at the end of life the structure is just as easy to dismantle as it was to construct, just like ”Meccano”.