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Crane Building - huge, strong and effective

This project was commissioned by the Russian company Stadler Plant, located near Minsk. The huge steel hall serves as a production facility for a sustainable and promising project: The production of ultra-modern, electrically powered trains, using cranes. The trains will run between Moscow and the surrounding airports.

The total area of the site is huge and amounts to 30,000 m². Since the trains are to be produced using cranes, the production hall has been designed to house several cranes that can hold up to 30 tons' weight. The structure of the steel hall, therefore, has to be sufficiently strong and stable. With a height of 20 metres and a width of 85 metres, this is a real challenge! The entire hall construction is designed for maximum production efficiency.

The customer was particularly impressed by the short time span between the idea and the erection of the building. This project shows once again that the Astron system meets the demands of every building application – no matter if timber production, data centre or crane building!

L Engineering JLLC - Belarus
Utilizzo edificio
30 000 m²
74 m
Tipologia di struttura
Crane rail beams
Sistema di parete
Sistema di tetto


Dettagli di prodotto

Crane rail beams

Crane beams for overhead traveling cranes, with rails 50 x 30 mm, fixed by intermittent welding, designed for standard crane capacity < 15 tons and standard crane span < 25 m.

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Wall System: LPA900

The LPA900 wall system consists of ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to the secondary framing with self-drilling screws with composite nylon heads, coloured to match the sheeting.

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Roof System: LPR1000

LPR1000 is an economical and practical solution for modern roofs. Strength of its fixation increases safety and watertightness. LPR1000 is an attractive and economical solution, easy to install.

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