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Concessionaria auto

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Car Dealership - a place where customers want to buy cars

Constructing steel buildings for car dealerships is one of Astron's specialities. Astron has already designed and constructed individual solutions for well-known car brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, VW, Ford and Porsche. The car manufacturer Peugeot is an interesting customer because the design of their buildings has to integrate the company's global Blue Box concept. This ensures that the car dealerships look the same worldwide.

The first car dealership with a Blue Box design in Germany was erected by Astron and Builder Partner Dieter Gemar in Homburg, Saarland. The building consists of three parts as is normal for modern car dealers. Apart from the storage area and workshop, an additional building serves as a show room and offers customer service facilities. Astron provided the roofing system and the hall construction for the Peugeot centre, which stands on a building ground surface of about 1,600 m². The blue walls for the individual design were custom made for the building.


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