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Multi-storey employee car parks - keeping staff happy

In most large companies, there tends to be a lack of staff parking spaces. The car manufacturer Ferrari in Maranello, Italy, was no exception. It soon became clear that more parking spaces were needed within a small area. This was made possible with the construction of a modern Astron multi-storey car park for employees that was especially designed for Ferrari. The on-site construction was carried out by our Builder Partner Pietro Ruggerini.

The two-storey employee car park was erected in the shortest possible time and provides spaces for 450 vehicles. The solid steel structure with its open sides provides plenty of daylight and excellent ventilation. Big free spans leave plenty of space and contribute to the user-friendliness – car parking is easy. The bright Ferrari-Red facade of the building makes the multi-storey employee car park even more individual and attractive.


le testimonianze dei clienti

  • A short build time coupled with a lightweight steel construction and, of course, the option to fully tailor the solution make parking decks from Astron an attractive alternative.

    Glauco Sala, Ruggerini Pietro s.r.l


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