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Multifunctional Building – one hall for everything

This multifunctional building in Poland was constructed by Builder Partner Artim Serwis Sp. The client is Artim Inwest. The request was for a steel structure that was functional, had an attractive design and generous interior space. The building is an outstanding success for Astron and our Builder Partner. The budget and the timetable were completely adhered to, so the customer was very satisfied with the result.

The multifunctional building is located in Poland and has a total area of 4,000 m², divided into a number of different areas. Office space, areas for companies in the retail trade and also generous storage rooms are all housed in the multifunctional building. In addition, customer and employee parking facilities belong to the complex. The shops and businesses operating here will also benefit from cutting-edge safety technology and round-the-clock protection.


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