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Hotel - where guests feel at home

That steel buildings do not have to make a cold impression has been proven by Astron in Mailand. Here in the heart of the business area of the town, Astron, together with the Italian Builder Partner Teorema, has constructed a multi-storey hotel with 240 rooms, a spacious restaurant, a fitness area and conference rooms with an area of over 450 m².

The architecture and design play an especially critical role for a hotel. In the case of Doubletree Hotel that belongs to the Hilton Chain, the client requested that the building should reflect the style of a hotel in all its areas. The architects at Astron were able to do an excellent job and fulfill all expectations. Warm colours on the facade and in the interior of the hotel ensure that guests feel at home here from the moment they arrive.

TEOREMA S.R.L. - Italy
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2610 m²
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Many accessories are available for Astron buildings like smoke vents, translucent panels, roof jacks or doors. We offer you a wide range of high-quality products.

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Wall System: Individual

Astron buildings' walls are economical, functional and durable solution of wall construction. The walls can be simply and quickly erected and are easy to maintain.

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Roof System: Individual

Astron roofs provide long-term performance and ensures ultimate water tightness. The roofs ares easy to install and offer attractive and economical solutions.

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