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In Leninka in the Ukraine, there is a modern, well-planned bottling plant from Astron. The customer is the leading Ukrainian producer of wine. Covering an area of 3,850 m², the new hall safeguards both the storage and production of the wine, and also provides ample space for offices.

Challenging for the design was, on the one hand, the relatively short timeframe and, on the other hand, the layout of the equipment. The modern and powerful production technologies, such as the continuous casting line from Italy, were successfully installed. The entire complex is divided into three parts, whereby the offices are housed on the upper floor. The warehouse for raw materials is on the right. Underneath and to the left of the offices is the production facility.

The newly erected bottling hall fulfils all the requirements of the customer. Astron and its Builder Partners were able to adhere to the prescribed timeframe and budget planning. Thanks to the new, well-designed and modern building, the wine company can expand its production capacity and strengthen its position on the market.

Nikolaevpromstroy-montazh - Ukraine
Building Usage
6 000 m²
54 m
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Wall System
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  • Buildings – Production Halls – Bottling Plant
  • Buildings – Production Halls – Bottling Plant
  • Buildings – Production Halls – Bottling Plant

Product details

Frame Type: AZM3

Frame Type: AZM3

Modular building having 3 modules. The exterior columns are tapered, the interior columns may be pipes or welded beams (H profile). The rafters are usually tapered.

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Wall System: Individual

Wall System: Individual

Astron buildings' walls are economical, functional and durable solution of wall construction. The walls can be simply and quickly erected and are easy to maintain.

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Roof System: LPR1000

Roof System: LPR1000

LPR1000 is an economical and practical solution for modern roofs. Strength of its fixation increases safety and watertightness. LPR1000 is an attractive and economical solution, easy to install.

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