Office buildings


Office Buildings with Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

Office buildings – no matter if single-storey, multi-storey or integrated – have long been designed to be more than just functional. They represent the company and its style and serve as a showcase for customer visits. At the same time, the people who work in the offices have high expectations with respect to their working environment. Only people who feel comfortable in their surroundings can work effectively.

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One flexible solution – individually for you!

The building you require will be individually optimised using standardised elements. Where necessary, special solutions for the construction will be incorporated.

The system solution includes all the parts of the supporting structure, as well as a variety of different roof and wall systems. Set standardised dimensions do not exist. Canopies, overhanging roof sections and parapets add an architectural accent.

A large number of accessories complement the product range. By combining the individual products in various ways and integrating construction materials such as brickwork, timber and glass, it is possible to constantly construct new, customised buildings.

The utilization of steel with high-yield strength reduces the weight of the structure and thus also the price. This leads to further advantages for the transport and erection.

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Reasons for building with Astron


For the erection of an Astron steel building only few resources are needed:

  • 1x truck with steel construction
  • 3x trucks with concrete for foundations

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