Production hall

Factory for bakery products

Austria’s leading manufacturer of bakery products operates in more than 100 countries. This international company, founded in 1964 in Austria and still 100% family-owned, counts several production facilities for bakery products in Amman (Jordan), Cape Town (South Africa), Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia), Toluca (Mexico) and Winterthur (Switzerland).

As Russia has become a strategically important sales market for backaldrin, the company decided to build a new factory, ARVALUS. It is located in Novoe Stupino Industrial Park, 75 kilometers south of Moscow. Astron Builder Status LLC undertook the project and completed the 5,000 m² building complex consisting of a two-storey building and a 16 m-high production hall, warehouses for raw materials and finished products, a laboratory and a test bakery for quality control. The customer was more than satisfied.

The ARVALUS plant is now one of the largest production companies for bakery products in the world, with a capacity of 20 tons of dry bakery mixes per day or 4,000 tons per year. 50 employees produce bakery ingredients for domestic use in Russia and for export to neighbouring countries.