Facility for the food industry

Astron Buildings, has completed the delivery of a new facility for PILLE Hungaria Zrt, a company specialized in the food industry. The project, located in Solt, Hungary, features an Astron warehouse and a traditional brick office.

PILLE required a facility that was flexible, efficient, and committed to safety and hygiene. Astron Buildings proved to be the perfect partner, delivering a building that fully matched the operational requirements of the company. Moreover, Astron Buildings completed the project quickly and efficiently, staying within the client's tight budget.

The warehouse measures 44.5 meters wide, 65 meters long, with an 8.3-meter eave height and 6% roof slopes. The LMR600 roof is designed to support photovoltaic panels, providing an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution. Smoke curtain walls are also installed inside the building, ensuring the safety of the staff and products.

Astron Buildings' team fully customized the building to meet the needs of PILLE, providing a building that is flexible, efficient, and fully committed to safety and hygiene. The handover is just being completed, and PILLE can now start the production of baking, confectionery, and gastronomy products.