Mobility Car Park Solution

This car park with an area of 1,055 m2 on 3 floors, is the first Astron car park in Czech Republic. Contipro, a Czech producer of Hyaluronic Acid with a broad portfolio of actives for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, can now make full use of its 93 parking spaces.

Astron reduces the complexity of designing and building a car park and so could offer Contipro a more efficient and effective solution. Astron’s advanced mobility solution relies on experienced teams guiding the process right from the beginning to the final handover.

Contipro needed a low-risk, high-quality parking structure with design flexibility at the lowest possible cost in the shortest amount of time. Astron Mobility made this happen by designing and manufacturing the complete parking structure, and the assembly was done by Astron Builder SAPA from Vysoké Mýto. Owning the process end to end improved customer satisfaction, budget and schedule certainty.

A winning match, where Contipro comes out on top!

>> Watch Contipro car park with 1 055m2 and 93 parking spaces in Dolní Dobrouč