Car park with a system

User-friendliness was a key aspect for the patient and visitor car park built for the Euregio Clinic in Nordhorn (Lower Saxony).

Around 500 parking spaces are located on four parking decks with a total effective surface of 16,000 m². The modern steel building was constructed using prefabricated components and was operational after a construction period of only 6 months. The investor of the five-million-euro project is the 'Grafschafter Parkraum Management GmbH', which is a subsidiary of Bentheim Railway (Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG) and operates several car parks in the region. “It is an amazing investment that will greatly impact the hospital location,” says Reinhold Hilbers, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the BE AG.

Right from the outset it was clear that, in a hospital car park, user-friendliness is a factor that requires special attention. For this reason, the firm responsible for the planning, 'Lindschulte Ingenieure + Architekten', consulted the ADAC with respect to their guidelines for user-friendly car parks.


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