Buildings Overview

Storage Buildings

Astron offers prefabricated warehouses and logistic buildings made of steel that give the customer a great deal of freedom in the design – turnkey if required. Whether a small, simple canopy or a complex logistic centre with 100,000 m² surface area, Astron's logistic buildings and warehouses are flexible with respect to the building dimensions and so can always be individually optimised for the customer. Be it a barrier-free bulk cargo hall or a high rack warehouse on a small ground surface - Astron has a tailor-made solution.

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Production Halls for Optimised Work Processes

Not only offices and commercial buildings, but also industrial halls and production halls vary according to individual needs. For example, an industrial bakery needs a completely different building to a printing company or a car supplier. Optimal work processes are only possible if the industrial hall has been optimally designed to meet the individual requirements. The maximum amount of daylight, optimum insulation and a good room climate all contribute towards making a building environmentally friendly and efficient.

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Office Buildings with Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

Office buildings – no matter if single-storey, multi-storey or integrated – have long been designed to be more than just functional. They represent the company and its style and serve as a showcase for customer visits. At the same time, the people who work in the offices have high expectations with respect to their working environment. Only people who feel comfortable in their surroundings can work effectively.

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Multi-Storey Car Parks

The demand for parking spaces is rising continuously, especially in towns, but the spaces available are often limited in number. Astron offers individual solutions made of steel that are robust, efficient and cost-effective. Additionally, the structures require only minimal planning and short construction times. As the European market leader in prefabricated steel halls, we also know how to be convincing in the car park sector. Our designs include parking decks, multi-storey car parks, truck parking garages and individual solutions such as the incorporation of a car lift.

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Steel Halls for Retail Outlets and Shops

The atmosphere in a large store – not matter if exhibition hall, retail business or supermarket – is crucial, irrespective of whether it is a fashion boutique or a furniture store. A satisfactory sales volume can only be generated if the goods are well presented. Bright rooms full of light provide clarity and a comfortable atmosphere. When planning a commercial building, apart from static details and costs, the architecture also needs to be kept in mind. Astron commercial buildings meet the highest standards with respect to design, safety and technology. Naturally, individual requirements are taken into consideration in the planning phase.

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Sports Halls with a Flexible Design

Astron is the European market leader in prefabricated steel halls. The company makes an especially positive impression when it comes to the construction of sports halls because, above all, Astron stands for flexibility and individuality in the choice of materials, design and building dimensions. With Astron, everything comes from one source. This includes service and consulting, of course. If required, the steel buildings can be constructed as a turnkey package – no matter if you need a new tennis hall or a multifunctional building.

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Farm Buildings and Halls

Astron can build the appropriate hall for any kind of utilization so, of course, the construction of halls for agricultural use is easy and unproblematic.

From a cowshed or grain storage to well-insulated stables in the northernmost region of the world - Astron has the ideal solution. Thanks to our extensive experience in the agricultural building sector, we are the right partner if you want to build an agricultural hall. Astron can also cater to your specific needs in the construction of machine halls or a multipurpose hall for agriculture so that your expensive equipment can be housed safely.

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Other Types of Astron Buildings

We can construct almost any kind of building. Astron is your first point of contact when it comes to building halls, irrespective of what is required: practical, spacious warehouses and production halls, modern office buildings, or showcase trade and distribution buildings. Astron will construct your building tailored to meet your individual needs. And the best thing is: it does not take very long. Astron halls are characterised by their quick construction and short erection times.

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Astron buildings near you.

Astron has already realized over 50,000 buildings in more than 50 countries. For about 1,000 buildings we have prepared representative pictures and detailed information for you. Just click on the map to find Astron reference buildings close to your location.