• Perfect integration in Astron building
  • Optimisation between bay spacing and crane beams span
  • Single source supply for crane beams and building
  • Integrated design of the crane rail beams in the building

Technical Specifications

  • Standard crane capacity: < 15 tons
  • Standard crane span: < 25m
  • Classification: - H2, B3 (according to DIN) - French group II (following CTICM)
  • Span of beam: from 6 to 9m bay spacing, with a limit of 8m for crane capacity above 12.5 tons
  • One crane per crane beam, or in case of several cranes, by adding spacers to preserve the design integrity of the beam
  • Crane types: I (single girder) and II (double girder)
  • Hoisting tool: hook
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