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International expansion is a long-term trend in the modern world. Companies are going global and this creates lots of opportunities but also challenges. A big decision is to select the right construction partner for your new facility. A partner who is already familiar with the landscape, who can be your guide in the new environment and share your values and business approach.

To achieve that, Astron provides personalized assistance anywhere around the world. A full range of services can be provided with the support of our own engineering team, Europe-wide Builder network, local architects, developers or major general contractors, local authorities and landholders to ensure smooth and on-time delivery of the full project.

Most of the clients who once worked with us prefer Astron as a construction partner when localizing business in new markets. Our international clients are Audi, BMW, BP, Coca-Cola, Geberit, Guardian, Haliburton, Knauf, Komatsu, Oriflame, P&G, 3M and many more.

Project management of international constructions

You require a new building for your business? We do project management in a convenient and transparent way. No need to manage several different players: designers, producers, suppliers. We take all the control into our hands and make decisions in favor of our client with no compromise to quality. We know the rules and particular features of local markets and can adapt the whole process to every political environment and climate.

Our project planning and development at the stage of investment is your advantage. The Astron job starts long before the design phase. At an early stage, when you are just thinking about the new project, we will walk you through the whole process and help with the site and floor plan layout. You will get optimized construction cost if we are involved from the very beginning, because then we have better options for technical maneuvering. We help with site selection, budget pricing, and project time line. As we already finished many projects worldwide, our experience with international constructions can help to meet desired time schedule.

Facts & Figures

> 50 years experience

> 50,000 reference buildings

> 50 million m² built

> 50 countries

The key accounts unit consists of professional project managers that have experience working on global markets with international constructions. For clients expanding their operations cross-border in Europe or beyond, we offer a personalized approach at each construction stage.

We speak English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Luxembourgish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Serbian/Croatian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Azeri, Turkish, Arabic and Farsi.

We would be happy to meet you and discuss your plans and then present a few alternative technical solutions and a roadmap for your projects worldwide.

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Dejan Boskovic

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