New production facility for company Rotarex

Company ROTAREX spol. s r.o. is Czech subsidiary of Rotarex Group based in Luxembourg. Rotarex Group has more than 90 years of expertise to develop and manufacture high performance valves, regulators and fittings for all gas applications in many industrial fields and applications.

Company Rotarex decided to invest in new production facility in Tachov (CZ). New Astron manufacturing hall with an area of 2070m² was erected by builder EMPEX Holding s.r.o. Production facility is divided into three parts. One half of the hall with area of 1000m² is workshop called “Indutec“, where final assembly of valves for industrial gases takes place. Second part is called “Meditec workshop” with an area of 500m² where are strict rules to keep special absolutely clean environment including filtration, and cleaning of air. Those special conditions ensure professional completion of valves and regulators for medical gas distribution. Third part with area of 500m² houses social facilities.

Customer required tailor made solution, especially in the “Meditec“ part where there is almost a laboratory environment. Builder applied special coating on walls and ceiling and sophisticated air conditioning equipment.

New facility is building type AZM1 and has 32m wide clear span, length is 64 m. Rotarex building has gray wall sheeting with horizontal Sinutec panels.

The erection of the new production facility satisfied all requirements of customer. Company Rotarex appreciated the optimized individual solution of their new premises with respect to special indoor conditions for production.

Customer: ROTAREX spol. s r.o.
Builder: EMPEX Holding s.r.o. (Czech Republic)