New LADA car dealership in Voronezh, Russia

The new LADA car dealership, opened recently in Voronezh city, was awarded “Building of the month” by the Astron jury. The building meets all the new requirements of the car manufacturer and was built by Zhilservice, Astron Builder from Voronezh.

Customer of the building is Daynava-center, an authorized car dealer of AutoVAZ. The main requirement of the customer was that the structural solution of the building complied with the concept design developed by the car manufacturer. The area of the show-room and office is 1,800m². The area of the service station is 1370 m² and it can maintain 15 cars simultaneously.

General Designer of the project, who was aware of Zhilservice successful experience and reputation in construction, invited the Astron Builder to perform as General Constructor.

Andrey Chernykh, director of Zhilservice, shares his impressions: “We got this project due to the flexibility in building structure, by choosing optimal roof slope and bay-spacing, developing non-standard solutions for the bearing structure. Bay-spacing was already defined by the concept design and technology was tailored to 6*6m spacing. We were able to optimize the building turning the frames 90 degrees.

LMR600, the best Astron roof, also impressed the customer. The project was interesting for us from the very beginning, because it was a pilot one for the owner, as well as for the car manufacturer. It is the first car dealership in Russia built up to the new standards of AutoVAZ. Besides, this was the first project for us (and probably in Russia) where we implemented new inside gutter for LMR600, and our erectors did it well. This was proved by tough weather conditions.

I can surely say that the customer is satisfied with our mutual cooperation and the Astron building”.