LPA Concepts Company settled near Bordeaux

LPA Concepts, a young company founded in 2002 by an experienced team of engineers, develops, assembles and markets electronic components such as amplifier modules for private relay antennas (like those that equipped the antennas in stadiums for the Olympic Games of London), etc.

For the achievement of their new premises, they chose Travaux Aquitains, our Astron Builder in the Bordeaux area since the beginning of the 80s.

This building of 740m² is split into a design workshop, a production workshop, offices and storage areas.

In light of the specificity of their activity, LPA Concepts had many requirements which Christian MAURY and Sébastien CLEVE from Travaux Aquitains had to meet. And that’s what they did with the total satisfaction of the customer.

To ease the assembly of the products, the ground of the workshops were covered with an antistatic resin (with addition of copper) and all Astron columns were connected to ground.

The building has an LPR1000 roof system and grey LPA900 walls on which wooden panels have been laid. The combination of vertical Astron panels and horizontal decorative veneer gives an original and aesthetic appearance, as well as the rounded canopy which underlines the entrance.

Congratulations to Travaux Aquitains for this original, functional and aesthetic achievement!

Customer: LPA Concepts, Mr Jack POWELL
Builder: Travaux Aquitains
Architect: Delphine Beaune