Astron steel construction for Polish wood processor

Konar "Świat drewna" has many years of experience in selling dry lumber, veneer, floors and wooden doors. The company supplies wood to large furniture factories and smaller carpentry shops.
Among its clients the company enjoys high credibility due to adequate lumber drying process and high quality of the offered goods. Investor needed a warehouse, which would allow the maintenance of temperature at a constant level regardless of the season.

Astron Authorized Representative, Asenhajmer Sp. z o.o has built a warehouse with an office building amounting in a total area of 1016m² in the town of Topol near Chojnice.

The building consists of two parts: warehouse in AZM1 construction with an area of 880m², and an office with mezzanine (Monodek system) having an area of 290m². Combination of steel, aluminum elements in the walls, glass and high-quality wood provided a very attractive facade with a simple architecture. The whole project was completed within five months.

Builder: Asenhajmer Sp. z o.o.
Architect: Marek Laskowski