A Shopping Centre in Minsk Region

A new shopping center with an area of 5,252m² was built in Minsk region by MVK-Belstroy GmbH, Astron Builder from Minsk. Bright impressive and gorgeous exterior of the building had been strongly appreciated by Astron jury who awarded it “Building of the Month”. The reason for such a decision was quite logical – non-typical configuration of the building was mainly affected by the natural land forms.

This new shopping center belongs to Diamondfruit LLC, which specializes in rendering warehouses to store frozen products – meat, fish, vegetables, fruits. This new building has combined 2 functions together – a place to store food/industrial products and a specific retail and wholesale shopping center. The task to erect the building of such a type was given to MVK-Belstroy GmbH – a construction company that mainly specializes in the erection and construction of prefabricated metal buildings and the implementation of a full-range of construction and installation work. It took about 4 months to put that very building into operation.

A 60m span building is 105.43m long and 8.8, respectively 5.5m high. Building configuration was initially defined by the undulating shape of the land. Exactly due to this fact the building has a mezzanine that is clearly observed from the side of the main facade.

Customer: Diamondfruit, LLC
Builder: MVK-Belstroy GmbH
Architect: Dmitriy Merzlyakov and Andrey Kurash