A new shopping center in Moscow region

The shopping center in Elektrougli town, Moscow region, was strongly appreciated by Astron jury which awarded it “Building of the Month” in October 2014.

The building was ordered by a multi-sector company Energostroycontract specialized primarily in manufacturing of electrical equipment. For further development of its business the company needed new shopping areas, so it placed an order for construction in MVK-Stroy, Astron Builder since 2003.

The two-span building with a total area of 1470m2 is 24.3 m wide, 30.3 m long and 9.2 m high and also has a 735m2 mezzanine. The building has sandwich panels on the walls and a double skin roof with LPR1000 panels and 200mm insulation. The roof slope is 10%. Monodek system is used for flooring with the concrete slab installed on the upper flange.

The architectural appearance makes the main distinctive feature of the building. A standard Astron configuration normally used for warehouses and hangars is accomplished by design facades and glazing which create bright and expressive outer look of the building.

The shopping center is already in operation to the satisfaction of its tenants and visitors.

Builder: MVK-Stroy
Customer: Energostroycontract
Architect: Svetlana Fedorova (Bystroye Zdaniye)