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Building details

Customised Car Park for VW dealership - fulfilling individual wishes

This tailor-made multi-storey car park was built in Luxembourg by Astron Builder Partner MBS S.A., based in Alzlingen. The parking garage was commissioned by a VW-car dealership that was increasing sales activities and required more exhibition space for new cars.

The client had specific demands for the new multi-storey car park: a particularly attractive architecture, low costs and a short construction period, as well as low future energy costs. Astron was able to fulfil all these individual requirements together with the Luxembourg Builder Partner.

Gray panels as cladding give the multi-storey car park a professional and modern appearance. The time plan and adherence to budget were exactly as requested by the customer and future energy costs will be very low thanks to natural lighting and ventilation. The client was more than satisfied with the collaboration and the result - a perfectly customised multi-storey car park.


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