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Centrum Sportowe - Stalowe hale sportowe - Budynki

Building details

Multifunctional Building - a place for the community

This multifunctional building was constructed for the Czech town Kraluv Dvur. Our municipal clients were convinced by the high quality of the building materials, the tight schedule and the attractive budget calculation. Our Czech Builder Partner Hanseatic, which has its headquarters in Prague, constructed the hall perfectly and received an award for it.

The multifunctional building has a total area of over 2,500 m². In the building complex there is an indoor sports hall which caters for more than 300 spectators. In addition, the building has a restaurant. The design of the multifunctional hall blends perfectly into the cityscape. With the curved roof and the bright, aesthetic elements, the new leisure centre makes a harmonious and welcoming impression. The clients were delighted with the result. The building is a real asset and has become a new meeting place for the city's residents.

Partner Astron
Hanseatic - Czech Republic
Leisure / Sports Hall
2 500 m²
Typ ramy
System Ścienny
System Dachowy


Szczegóły Produktu

Frame Type: Individual

Astron buildings are optimized to meet the specific requirements of each client. Astron buildings are tailored dependent on their intended use and the constraints of the site (bay spacing, etc.).

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Wall System: Individual

Astron buildings' walls are economical, functional and durable solution of wall construction. The walls can be simply and quickly erected and are easy to maintain.

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Roof System: Individual

Astron roofs provide long-term performance and ensures ultimate water tightness. The roofs ares easy to install and offer attractive and economical solutions.

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