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Hall for the cosmetics industry - hand in hand with sustainability

The contract for the hall just outside Moscow came from the cosmetics giant Oriflame, Sweden. The demand for cosmetics and the number of enthusiastic customers is enormous. The brand has been experiencing increasing growth for years, especially on the Russian market.

This steel hall was erected in order to meet the purchasing power of cosmetics fans and serves as a production facility and distribution centre for the Russian market. The complex is divided into two parts according to the various functions. The total area amounts to 56,000 m². Ventilation is provided by an ultramodern fan system that uses natural resources. The issue of sustainability was a top priority for our customers. For this, the standards of LEED certification were complied with. In the construction sector, this stands for being sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Partner Astron
Noginsk - Russia
56 000 m²
96 m
Typ ramy
System Ścienny
System Dachowy


Szczegóły Produktu

Frame Type: AZM3

Modular building having 3 modules. The exterior columns are tapered, the interior columns may be pipes or welded beams (H profile). The rafters are usually tapered.

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Wall System: Individual

Astron buildings' walls are economical, functional and durable solution of wall construction. The walls can be simply and quickly erected and are easy to maintain.

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Roof System: LMR600

LMR600 is a standing seam roof mechanically fixed using unique sliding clips. LMR600 is a sustainable product, which offers unique watertightness. It reflects light and heat and is prepared to easily add accessories.

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Opinie o produkcie

  • Astron’s solution meant that the building qualified for LEED certification, thereby satisfying Oriflame’s strict environmental requirements.

    Alexander Seleznov, Director StoryTech 5

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