Farm Buildings and Halls

Hale Rolnicze - Hale dla Rolnictwa z elementów prefabrykowanych - Budynki

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Farm Buildings - spacious and full of light

The new farm complex belonging to the client Gorshikha was built in the Yaroslavl Region in Russia and can accommodate 1,180 cows. The farm buildings are fitted with ultra modern equipment and provide the best possible conditions for cattle breeding. The cows feel so comfortable here that their performance is above average. 20 tons of milk are produced here annually and 170 calves are born every year. Both facts illustrate how requirements have been successfully fulfilled.

The entire farm complex comprises 19,000 m², divided into three separate buildings featuring sunny yellow panels. The cowsheds are full of light and offer excellent air circulation and plenty of space for the animals. The customer was very happy with the professional construction work and the fact that time and cost requirements were fully met and thrilled with the final result.


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