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Building details

Bulk Cargo Hall - seed storage

This bulk cargo hall in the Ukraine was completed with the help of our longstanding local Builder Partner Sakti Plus. The steel structure was designed for the French company Maisaduor Semences SA. It is the fourth building to be designed for the company. Two already exist in France and one in Spain. The bulk cargo hall was built to promote the agricultural development in Eastern Europe. The company's local branch was able to create 100 permanent and 200 seasonal jobs.
The complex covers the huge area of 9,000 m², divided into several building areas. The length of the bulk hall extends over 123 metres, with a width of up to 40 metes. The interior of the bulk cargo hall does not have any disturbing intermediate columns. Skylights integrated into the roof provide a pleasant interior atmosphere. The hall is designed in an attractive green with white design details.

Partner Astron
Sakti Plus - Ukraine - prospekt Karl Marx 22, 49044 Dnepropetrovsk - Ukraine
Industry / Agriculture
9000 m²
40 m
Typ ramy
System Ścienny
System Dachowy


Szczegóły Produktu

Frame Type: AZM2

Modular building having 2 modules. The exterior columns are tapered, the interior columns may be pipes or welded beams (H profile). The rafters are usually tapered.

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Wall System: LPA900

The LPA900 wall system consists of ribbed steel panels, externally fixed to the secondary framing with self-drilling screws with composite nylon heads, coloured to match the sheeting.

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Roof System: LPR1000

LPR1000 is an economical and practical solution for modern roofs. Strength of its fixation increases safety and watertightness. LPR1000 is an attractive and economical solution, easy to install.

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