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Building details

Horse stable

The riding centre is in the Norwegian town Hammerfest, the most northern town in the world. Astron and Partner Naeringsbygg AS successfully mastered the challenges posed for a building by such an arctic climate. The customer, Hammerfest Staller AS, was supported in financing the building by Turi Josefsen, a wealthy business woman who was born in Hammerfest.

The functionality required by the customer and the climatic conditions of the area were optimally taken into account in the construction of the building. The stables can accommodate about 30 horses. Adjoining the stables there is a riding hall, a tribune for visitors, a café and other rooms for social activities relevant for the riding centre. The wooden wall panelling creates a cosy, Norwegian atmosphere inside the riding centre. The insulation and the configuration of the building were chosen so that horses and riders could be offered a safe place during the hard arctic winter.

Partner Astron
Hammerfest - Norway
Leisure / Riding Hall
2304 m²
31 m
Typ ramy
System Ścienny
System Dachowy
dach Polar


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