Arctic Walls

Interview with Robert François, Product Development Manager, R&D Department, Astron

  • Why a new wall system?

We have an increasing demand for low energy buildings. Our R&D department is permanently working on new concepts and products to find feasible and economical solutions to improve the energy balance of our buildings.

This new wall system offers a really effective solution with respect to the current and upcoming thermal requirements and can certainly be considered as part of the new trend towards more sustainable buildings.

  • How would you describe it?

The arctic wall system has been developed to increase the insulation thickness in the wall and consequently the overall thermal performance of the building, leading to outstanding energy performance with low additional costs.

  • What are its specificities?

I would simply say: sustainable, functional and durable. The arctic wall can be perfectly integrated into the building with improved performance. It offers a high insulation value with a thickness of 240 mm: U-value = 0.210W/(m²·K). We can even reach a superior thermal efficiency with a thicker insulation (290 mm with 254 mm girts)U-value = 0.176 W/(m²·K).

  • How about the assembly

We have conducted some tests and constructed several prototype buildings and it proved to be fast and easy to erect. The cost of erection is considerably reduced compared to sandwich panels as no crane is needed and all operations can be quickly and easily done manually.