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Storage halls, production halls, offices, and industrial buildings: for more than 50 years, Astron has planned and built steel buildings Europe-wide. Astron has also already successfully mastered the particular challenges posed to industrial construction in Ghana. Heat, dryness, sand or mud represent extreme requirements on-site for man and machine. Also, the finished steel buildings must reliably withstand the conditions for many years. No problem for the steel structures by Astron.

Steel halls from the European market leader

In the construction and transport of the halls, the special characteristics of steel as a building material come to bear: steel has a low self weight while it is suitable for heavy loads and strain. The fact that prefabricated building parts made of steel can be produced at low cost and the low weight of the steel itself are reasons why the parts can be transported to the setup site at a relatively low cost of fuel. Astron provides the best prerequisites for industrial construction in Africa. Be it an industrial hall, storage hall or brewery: Astron reliably plans and builds the steel hall you need.

Proven quality from Europe for industrial construction in Ghana: rely on the European market leader!


  • International – Africa – Hall construction in Ghana
  • International – Africa – Hall construction in Ghana