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Yandex Data Center in Russia

On September 5th, the first block of the new Yandex Data Centre (Russia’s most popular search engine) was inaugurated in Vladimir, Russia.

Alexey Fedchenko, Astron project manager: “Astron supplied the 6,615 m² data center building, which consists of 6 blocks: a power unit and 5 server blocks. This is a unique project for Astron. The building concept was developed by engineers who previously designed the Yandex data center in Finland. Its architectural form reflects the building's usage and enables a specific cooling system.

TRIMO sandwich panels are applied for walls and internal partitions. The roof is also non-standard – it is covered with Firestone RubberCover EPDM. Another specific solution – removable wall sections to facilitate the future installation of large-scale equipment ”. 

According to Nikolai Ivanov, Director General of the Data Center, this is one of the most advanced facilities in terms of efficiency and automation, not only in Russia but also in the whole world. Here, Full Free Cooling technology is used to cool the servers, which means that the server zone is cooled not by industrial air conditioners, but by outdoor air pumped by a special ventilation system. Heat from the servers will be stored and partly used to heat the data center; the rest will be supplied to private homes and nearby enterprises.

Click on the below picture to watch the video on Yandex Data center in Vladimir, Russia.

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