Second car park in the Czech Republic

Located in the city of Třinec, Czech Republic, the car park was designed specifically for the city as part of a project to increase parking availability. 

The car park consists of three floors with separate entrances on each level and offers 79 parking spaces. The structure is as light as possible with cladding that gives the whole building consistency, and the car park is directly integrated into the city’s everyday life. Trees were planted along the side so that it blends into its urban surroundings.

Thanks to the special façade, daylight comes in from the outside through half-opened partitions. This interplay of light and shadow not only gives the structure an airy feeling, but also provides the impression of an open space reinforced by the reflection of snow.

To facilitate smooth traffic circulation inside the car park, long spans of approximately 16 m were used. With the dry assembly method, the time and consequently the cost of construction could be significantly reduced. Our processes and construction elements are pre-engineered and fit together perfectly. 

The top floor of the car park is covered with a LMR600 roof system for a photovoltaic roof installation that produces renewable electrical energy for a positive energy infrastructure.

This car park was tailored to the specifications and preferences of the city of Třinec. It was designed to combine the maximum number of parking spaces with a minimum footprint and with effective traffic management and high user comfort.