P3 car park at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport

Airport car park as a mobility hub :

The new seven-level multi-storey car park at Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport's Terminal 1 opened this week and provides 2,000 spaces.

It is designed to handle the significant increase in traffic while offering a welcoming interior atmosphere for a smooth passenger experience.

It will also reduce the carbon emissions for the airport with a rooftop photovoltaic power station that produces more electricity that the car park consumes.

Smooth traffic flow, even during peak times, for a great passenger experience

The car park design aims to facilitate traffic flow and enable easy connection between different modes of transport.

Excellent traffic flow and a welcoming interior atmosphere play a key role in regulating the traffic to avoid congestion, prevent vehicles driving around a second time and reduce waiting times.

The P3 fits into the Lyon St-Exupéry airport's sustainability plan

This car park is aiming for the HQE INFRASTRUCTURE environmental certification and is, among others, committed to:

  • - Creating a positive energy parking lot: roof-mounted photovoltaic installation with a cumulative power generation of more than 900 kW on more than 2700 panels 
  • - Reducing unnecessary car traffic in the car park thanks to a parking guidance system
  • - Using eco-friendly material such as recycled steel, low carbon footprint concrete, …
  • - Optimizing the use of natural light



Photo ©G Perret