Harry Blasen, Operator in Diekirch

One Man, One Machine

Harald Blasen has been working in our company since 1988. He started work in the sheetline department. For the last 25 years he has worked in the secondary framing department. Today, he operates the LP machine and both bending presses.

What do you do as a Bending Press Operator?
We have a new bending press that has just been installed. The previous one was no longer compatible with the new safety requirements and too old to be easily upgraded. So a newer, more up-to-date machine, from Prerov has been installed with advanced security.

How have you been involved with this project?
I went to Prerov for a training in order to become familiar with the handling of this CNC bending press. Now I am responsible for setting up and operating this machine that can bend metal sheets and plates up to 12 meters long. With my experience, I also enjoy training my colleagues so that they use the bending press efficiently.

What is your challenge now?

As the operator, my goal is to produce quality pieces while keeping setup times to a minimum, ensuring maximum efficiency. To achieve this, I need to get used to the machine as it requires a different level of experience and knowledge than the previous one. I want to become intimately familiar with the machine and know its physical limitations.

What is your motivation for working at Astron?
Since my first day at Astron I have kept the same dedication and I love my job! I like being part of our improvement and development measures and, of course, ensuring the top quality of our products in my daily work.