Mobility and park-and-ride

Mobility and park-and-ride at Pontault-Combault train station

A new park-and-ride car park is being finalized next to the Pontault-Combault train station! Providing a considerably increased parking capacity, this new car park is intended to encourage motorists to use public transportation for their daily journey.

Located at the exit of the city, in the direction of Roissy-en-Brie, this parking facility is directly accessible from the Francilienne. Motorists can thus leave the Francilienne, park in peace and quiet and reach Paris by RER for easier mobility.

This car park offers 439 parking spaces, spread over 9 half-levels. With its carefully designed facades that make it easily identifiable, as well as its large parking capacity, this new park-and-ride facility will become a defining building in the station district, and will help facilitate the mobility of the people of the Paris region.