KRONO GROUP investment

Krono Group investment

OOO "SWISS KRONO" is one of the largest manufacturers of wood-based panels in Russia. The company marked its 15th anniversary in April 2017. Astron has been cooperating with the KRONO Group for 25 years, having realized 5 plants with a total area of 400,000 m². Essential development for the factory infrastructure has been initiated, such as reconstructing one of KRONO plant’s workshops into modern, high quality premises able to generate an annual output of 1,000,000 m3 laminate flooring, wall panels, MDF boards and particle boards.

The Building renewal was supervised by Astron project manager Denis Lebid: “Within the modernization project for KRONO’s production, it was planned to create a new production line for chipboard-400 in the existing building where chipboard-300 was produced. The new technology involves vertical processes, and a 27 m tower passing through the roof of the existing building was needed to accommodate such a complex process. The tower frame was made of German metal structures.

The resulting multi pitch roofs caused snow accumulation on the roof. The static calculation revealed the need to strengthen the building structure in the tower area. Thus, Astron designed, manufactured, supplied and assembled the reinforcement elements: jack beams, additional rafters, purlins and wind bracings. Astron also carried out the installation, including the covering of the tower.

The chipboard-300 production line activity was not interrupted during the erection phase. The assembling was carried out in very confined spaces using high capacity cranes (100 tons). The project was completed in less than 3 months”.