Korona Shopping Mall

Korona Shopping Mall

The grand opening of the 3,500 m² Korona shopping mall took place recently. This new shopping and leisure center is the 37th retail facility in Belarus, and according to our calculations, the 15th project for this customer with the Astron building solution.

In addition to the supermarket, the shopping mall houses several shops, a pizzeria, a 3D cinema and a children's playground.

Bright rooms full of light provide clarity and a comfortable atmosphere. When planning the a shopping mall apart from static details and costs, the architecture was kept in mind and Astron took the individual requirements of Korona into consideration in the design phase.

The below pictures present the shopping mall project in reverse chronological order to see how it all began.

To ensure timely project delivery, improve quality and lower costs, the shopping mall features 2 modules, a double skin LPR1000 roof system with 260 mm thermal insulation thickness and a LPA900 wall system with 140 mm insulation with LPD inside sheeting.