Inside the Yaroslavl factory

What do you do as a welding engineer?
My job is to control all welding stages from product preparation to non-destructive testing of finished products. I carry out visual and ultrasonic testing, as well as other types of welding control.

Do you often face challenges in your work?
You cannot avoid difficulties, but it is easy to deal with them due to the well-established cooperation between different departments, whether it is an engineering department, QC or Primary framing, all issues are solved quickly and professionally.

Has anything changed over the past 8 years?
Many things have changed since I came to Astron. First of all the plant was extended, new welding equipment and processes were introduced, e.g. we now use carbon rods for gouging and run-on plates at the weld beginning and end. It is also nice that within the Continuous Improvement campaign we also get an opportunity to improve our qualification and professional skills.

Is there any project that you like the most?
Well, I guess it is Ice Arena KAZAKHSTAN. It was the project where we tried the new technology of radius beam welding. Later, of course, there were many other interesting and complex projects, but I still remember this one.