Inside the Prerov Factory

Josef is an Operator, working at Astron since June 1999. He started as Primary Coordinator for Multi-Storey Buildings, today he works as experienced Operator on the machine producing inside gutter.

Can you tell us something about the equipment you are using?

During my work I use a hot air “Leistr Variant” machine. We use hot-air welding technology to join various rubber components together, at a temperature around 350°C. This new inside gutter has been developed with new technology. It guarantees weathertighness and extra resistance. The final result is an insulated monolithic gutter with no screws in the water area.  

What are the challenges you encounter?

For example, when I produce a non-standard piece, I feel that I am missing another pair of hands. Also, a lifting device for easier manipulation of long and heavy gutters would assist my work.

What was the most interesting job lately?

The most interesting was the project for Heineken: a non-standard double gutter connected with rivets and membrane. It was quite a challenge, but with the help of colleagues, we managed it well! (picture below)

How do you like your job?

I have been doing this for around 4 years and so far I still enjoy. The work is challenging either because of weekly work load or the increasing number of non-standard pieces, which means I have to continuously thinking about my daily tasks.