Astron in-house specialist, Dr. Antonin Uhlir

Hot Like Fire!

Fire protection for steel structures can have a limited cost.

The subject of fire resistance for steel structures has come to greater prominence in the last years and will continue to drive the steel industry in the coming years for both residential and non-residential steel structural buildings.

In most types of buildings, it is necessary to ensure that the structure will remain safe during a reasonable period of fire. That is to protect the people who are evacuating the building as well as to reduce the risk to any fire brigade who may be dealing with the fire.

To make one thing clear, fire check for steel buildings can be managed when you respect some key rules: fire check starts with a good understanding of the local requirements and the building usage; adequate and early communication with the fire brigade; application of simple conception rules to facilitate the evacuation of people; an adequate partitioning of the building; adequate ventilation for smoke; etc.

With these elements the fire protection for steel structures can have a limited cost and can even be equal to zero in certain cases. This concerns an already quite large range of buildings.

And when these elements are not sufficient, when the fire protection requirements are high, the solution is in the more sophisticated calculation of the so called "fire engineering" for which we have the competence within Astron, with in-house specialists. 

Legend of the above picture: Astron in-house specialist, Dr. Antonin Uhlir