Fastenings for Sandwich Panels

Astron has participated on the latest ECCS publication “European Recommendations for the Design, Detailing and Application of Fastenings for Sandwich Panels”. ECCS means “European Convention for Constructional Steelwork” and its aim is to promote the use of steelwork in the construction sector by the development of standards and promotional information.

This publication provides the guidance on design, detailing and application of fastenings for sandwich panels. The current and existing “Preliminary European Recommendations for testing and design of fastenings for sandwich panels” has been mainly written from the manufacturer’s point of view which focuses more on the determination of resistance values against the test results.

This document provides guidance for designers and contractors and therefore is focusing more on loads and actions on fastenings of sandwich panels. For readers interested in the background information, references to other publications are given.

This document has been prepared by the Joint Committee of ECCS TC7 TWG7.9 and CIB Working Commission W056, among the members, Andrej Belica, Chief Design Engineer of Astron.

Link to the ECCS publication