Economical solution

Extend or transform an old building with Astron!

To transform an old building ideally situated and turn it into architecturally pleasing premises is often a much faster and much more economical solution compared to erecting a completely new building. Astron’s system allows for the transformation of old buildings into modern and architecturally pleasing premises.

The Polish can maker Can-Pack has expanded its site near Novocherkassk in Russia. Integro Steel, our authorized Builder from Rostov-on-Don, completed the expansion of the production and warehouses with a total area of 19,200 m² meters.

The new production unit is adjacent to the existing monolithic building, inherited from the Soviet times, so it was decided to redevelop their facilities into a modern building and create an LPA900 façade in the same style as the new building (see picture below). The new halls have spans of 24 and 28 m to adapt to the production process and optimise workflow.